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Solidify’D Brand began in a meeting at Starbucks in Jersey City NJ on a piece paper full of scribbles and notes. Two young women, one with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and the other in Finance, both decided to put their minds and passion into a reality.Solidify’D Women Don’t Crumble. We stand for hard working women who aspire to inspire. Our goal is to create a community where women empower one another. Be confident in what they are wearing without breaking the bank. You can buy fashion but you can’t put a price on style. We want our message to inspire and motivate through our clothing while you show us creativity. Take our clothing and make it yours, with your style make it different, make it your own, be confident, be Solidify’D. 

“We had an idea of building something that we can be proud of. We wanted to see to it that this is just not a clothing store but a brand. Our purpose is to be a household name not in Neiman Marcus but in Kohls or Target. Our mission is for you to have irresistible must have styles for less. Once you have a clear vision of the demographics it's much easier to put all the ideas into a reality. More than money we also wanted to inspire the young women from our city to make their dreams into a reality. Lea and I worked two jobs while being in school full time in college. We had a lot of long hard working nights. Seeing our ideas come to life and have people support us is the most amazing feeling as  business owners and we are so thankful for the people that supported us” – Milly Dela Cruz Co Founder @ Solidify'D LLC.

 “Ever since Freshmen year of high school Milly and I ALWAYS talked about the businesses we want to start. She and I knew that there’s bigger world outside of Jersey City, so we shared the same work ethic, determination, passion and happy disposition in life. Milly and I learned the value of hard work at such a young age, we juggled 2 jobs while we were full time college students and still managed to enjoy life to the fullest. Growing up I never really had the confidence, even when I started modeling and competing in pageants at 20 years old. I have to say pageantry changed my life for the better. Milly supported my preparation 100% and this process created many ideas with what our brand is really about. My goal was to win Miss New Jersey USA and use that platform to spread awareness to what Solidify’D stands for. I did not come home with the crown (2nd runner up out of 120 contestants) however, this is what fueled me to really just go for it with my own business.

We want women to feel their absolute best in our products; we do not back down from adversity, and most of all Solidify’D women are confident!” - Lea Franchesca, Co Founder @ Solidify'D LLC.

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