Getting Personal With Miss New Jersey Unites States 2014 - Jennifer Lynn Decillis

Jennifer is the true definition of beauty & brains! She was 1st runner up for Miss NJ USA 2013 (first time competing) She won Miss Tropic Beauty 1Oak.. She appeared on Billboard Ads, Magazine spreads and Sonline catalogs. Recently she won Miss NJ United States 2014 and placed Top 10 in the Miss United States 2014 Pageant. She received her degree in Public Relations from  Temple University Graduate. Jennifer is also the National Brand Ambassador for Solidify'D.


Recently our team had the pleasure to chat with our brand ambassador and get to know her a little more!!

How would do you describe your style?
My style is very versatile and my closet is all over the place. I am either in high-waisted jeans and a distressed tee or a detailed dress and stilettos. I love to switch things up too and try not to get stuck in one category. Girly-girl, boho, hipster, street-chic; I try it all, I'm a chameleon.
Who's your favorite designer?
This 2015 runway season I fell in love with Zuhair Murad. I could live in a good gown and his collection is so elegant and feminine, very fairytale-inspired. Whether curve-hugging or flowing, lace or sheer and pastel or bold, I am in love with everything he puts on the runway.
Top: "Milliscent" $24.99
Skirt: "Audrinna" $18.99
Who's your fashion icon?
Today, I love Blake Lively. She is stunning and always best dressed, whether it's on the red carpet or the pavement. The Victoria's Secret Angels, obviously stunning, are always fun to pull fashion inspo from too. They have such sexy, chic, casual style off the runway, good for every day.
"Kara" 2 Piece Set $45.99
What beauty product could you not live with out?
This is tough for a pageant girl! Skin care wise, I need a good exfoliate and cleanser to keep my skin clear between shoots and long days. If we're talking cosmetics, I HAVE to have  a good concealer to keep me looking fresh and bright-eyed.
What is your definition of beauty?
Beauty is all about how you carry yourself. Beauty is the woman who is confident without being cocky and who can exude class instead of just raw sex-appeal. When a woman respects herself and others, it shows, and that is true beauty.
"Jennifer" Dress $29.99
5 words that best describe yourself are?
Passionate, driven, loyal, resilient and also a little silly.
What is your secret indulgence?
Well, I guess a shopping indulgence wouldn't be much of a secret. So, a guilty indulgence of mine would be pizza.. and chocolate. I could live on either or both of those, but my body would hate me for it!
What is the most challenging experience you've ever had?
Early in life, I faced some life-changing experiences with abuse and adversity. My challenge was not living through those things, but learning to accept them and persevere. The successes I have had in life are simply because I would not allow my circumstances to influence my outlook on life or my future. I learned to take those challenges and hardships and used them as fuel for my fire.
Why do you enjoy being a woman?
We all complain about our beauty grind, saying men have it so easy. We have to spend hours doing hair and makeup or on the treadmill and in the salon, but I actually own it. Sure it's tedious and lots of my days are spent bare-faced and natural, but I also love being feminine or sexy or glamorous or whatever else I want to be that day. As a female model, you are a canvas and every day you can be someone different, it's exciting to be a woman!


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