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From fashion inspiration to food destinations or the latest buzz on local events- is your go to blog to visit for your daily dose of all things Jersey City. The blog covers everything from the latest street fashion trends to where you should take your tourist friends out for dinner. It also covers other informative topics such as local news, upcoming city events, and music, Talk about diversity!
But who are the brains behind this amazing blog, Chicpeajc? The founder is Lynn- a Jersey City native, proud new mother, hip hop dancer, and of course- a blogger! Clearly, her blog shows off the diversity she has as a woman! Luckily we had a chance to interview her on her Solidify’D Journey because we are all just dying to know more!
What inspired you to become a blogger of all things Jersey City?
I started blogging as a hobby and as an excuse to go out and explore my community, meet new people, try new restaurants and then I just fell in love and wanted to really immerse myself in the JC culture. I also saw that there was a need for a JC blog covering the arts, culture, music and fashion scene.
Let's talk about ChicpeaJC, I have to ask how did you come up with the name?
My husband used to call me "Chickpea" because I really love anything with chickpeas!! I removed the "K" in chickpea to have a fun play on words.... "ChicpeaJC" was born!
What accomplishments have you done in the past year or so that you are very proud of?
In the last year I hired over 30 contributors who write about everything from health to pets to LGBT and they represent the diversity in Jersey City. I am just proud to be doing what I love and also able to make a living off of it!
Who is ChicpeaJC? Name, Nationality?
My name is Lynn, I am Canadian and Israeli.
How would do you describe your style?
I am fashion bi-polar! One day I will be wearing all Vintage and the next day all street style. It really depends on my mood and what I am feeling that day. Lately I've been dressing more casual as my schedule is really hectic so comfort is key!
Who's your favorite designer?
I don't really have one to be honest!! I was always into fashion but not necessarily into brands and designers. If I like something I wear it, regardless of who designed it. That being said, I grew up idolizing Chanel, it's timeless and classic.

Who's your fashion icon?
I love Rihanna, she always looks amazing and I love how versatile she is. I also really love Kylie Jenner's style!!
What beauty product could you not live without?
Givenchy concealer, Chanel tinted moisturizer, Stila black eyeliner! OBSESSED.
What is your definition of beauty?
I hate to be cliche, but a positive and outgoing personality makes someone so beautiful.
5 words that best describe yourself are?
What is your secret indulgence?
Ice cream!!!
What is the most challenging experience you've ever had?
Becoming a mom.
Why do you enjoy being a woman?
We can get away with anything! haha
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Milly Grace from Truthfullyclassy is a fashion and beauty youtuber, lifestyle blogger, and aspiring entrepreneur. Her life goal is to empower others to follow their dream and have a walk in closet full of shoes, pleather skirts, and glitter.

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