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Celebrity Style Steal: Lorde

Celebrity Teen Queen, Lorde has taken the media by storm a few years ago with her new sound and risque style. She's bold, she's fearless and doesn't give a hoot about what others have to say about her. 

This is why we chose her to be this week's Solidify'D Celebrity Style Steal. Pictured above is the singer in an adorable black and red outfit. As usual, she is sporting her bold dark lip and messy locks with what seems to be flared black trousers. The main event in this outfit is the...

Celebrity Style Steal: Jessica Alba

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 On this week’s Solidify’D Celebrity Style Steal, we feature Hollywood Starlet, Jessica Alba. The “All Black” trend is a timeless and effortless look that any woman can pull off. Not only is this trend a huge hit in the Fall/Winter, but despite the summer rays, fashionistas alike rock all black outfits in the summer as well. Jessica takes this popular trend to the carpet with her own glam-ified Alba twist
Pictured above is the “Honey”...

Celebrity Style Steal: Nikki Reed

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Dive your fangs into the latest monochromatic black and white trend this summer for a classic, put together look.Pictured above is the “Twilight” Series co-star Mrs. Nikki Reed- (or shall we say Mrs. Nikki Somerhalder?) at the 2014 Young Artist Award. For our girls who aren’t big fans of neons and pastels this summer, we’ve got you covered!


Nikki flawlessly showcases the black and white trend with this classic crop top and midi- skirt duo. The halter neck line shows off her fabulous shoulders to add some sexiness...

Celebrity Style Steal: Kylie Jenner


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Kylie Jenner is the epiphany of the bold and edgy style. She is known to break the internet because of her choice for fashion at the young age of 17. 

The “Ripped Jeans” trend has been around for quite some time now, especially popular in the mid- 2000s and arriving again in 2015 for its comeback. These jeans are mainly popular with the younger crowd since it can spice up any outfit and give it some edge.

Pictured above is the youngest of the Kardashians wearing two different...

Celebrity Style Steal: Jennifer Lawrence

This week’s Celebrity Style Steal goes to the GIRL ON FIRE, Jennifer Lawrence who is known for her girl next door figure and her down to earth personality. She keeps it simple and cool out in the streets with a sleek black long maxi dress. The dress does a great job showing her sleek figure while the strappy and the cozy material allows her to keep cool and walk the streets with ease.

Pictured below is Jennifer Lawrence out in the town.


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