Celebrity Style Steal: Rihanna

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The trench coat has been in season for the past few decades, and has no signs of slowing down. RiRi, who, like the trench coat has stayed in the spotlight for over a decade, takes the growing trend to a whole new level by adding her usual flare of sexy and edgy to the already structured silhouette of the outfit. The small accents of red on her signature matte lips and pumps throws her personality into the seemingly mundane outfit consisting of only the olive coat- Rude Girl loves to keep them guessing

Structured long coats and trench coats are the go-to winter jackets for this season- specifically in the colors olive, camel, and of course,  black. To avoid that similar outfit awkward encounter at the mall or at parties- try to spice up the coat with your own style like Rihanna. Adding on some bright colored heels like RiRi, plopping on a scarf, or even smacking on your favorite bold fall lip color will keep you from blending in with the crowd.

The reason why long coats are the go to coats for this winter season is because they can easily be worn as an outfit all on their own. If you’re having trouble picking out an outfit in the morning, or if you have to  leave in 5 minutes because you woke up late,throw on a simple top underneath, some leggings boots, your favorite trench coat, and you’re ready to face the world- cozy and seemingly glammed up!


Take the trench coat trend to a whole other level with our “Pia” layered jacket that brings more dimension than your average coat. It still has the structure and simplicity that we all love from the average coat, but it is more layered and flowy giving the usually motionless piece a more feminine touch.(Who doesn’t love their jacket flowing in the wind?) The “Pia” coat also strays from the traditional coat in the sense that it has a more grungy/edgy feel as opposed to the classical “clean” coat look. The lack of buttons also gives more room for layering pieces underneath for maximum warmth.

If you love the long coat trend, but want to spice it up this season as opposed to your classical- yet equally fabulous, traditional coat, we recommend giving the “Pia” look a try and you are sure to turn heads.


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