Celebrity Style Steal: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez courtesy of Pinterest.com

Jenny from the Block is back on the front pages of magazines and has been the latest buzz after her comeback as an actor and singer. She took a short break from the scene but J-Lo is definitely back in the game and ready to take the media by storm again! We can all agree that no one can rock risque’ jumpsuits better than the “Boy Next Door” star.

For over a decade now, Jennifer Lopez has been stealing the show with her crazy curves and her form fitting outfits that showcase her well preserved figure.She is fearless in the fashion scene, not afraid to show a little- or a lot of extra skin, especially when it comes to the red carpet. She’s bold, she’s edgy, and she is confident in everything she wears. (I mean if we had that crazy body,we would be too!)

Pictured above is the flawless Jennifer in a taupe colored one piece jumpsuit. She uses the jumpsuit as the main star of the outfit while keeping it neutral with her accessories. The jumpsuit highlights all her curves, cinched at the waist to give her the perfect hourglass shape. It is flared at the bottom giving it a more formal, business-casual feel giving the illusion of longer legs


Solidify’D ladies, it is time for you to channel your inner J-Lo with Solidify’D’s “Venus” Romper. It is less formal and more casual with the drawstring waist- but still gives you the perfect cinched look Jenny has. This look is perfect for the summer with the hint of side boob for that flirty touch, and the low neckline so you aren’t too suffocated like other jumpsuits. For only $64.99, you’ll get the perfect edgy, and sexy jumpsuit. Add on some neutral heels for height, and some minimalist jewelry. Remember- your body is the highlight of this outfit.


Jenny would be proud :)

Milly Grace from Truthfullyclassy is a fashion and beauty youtuber, lifestyle blogger, and aspiring entrepreneur. Her life goal is to empower others to follow their dream and have a walk in closet full of shoes, pleather skirts, and glitter.

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