Celebrity Style Steal: Lorde

Celebrity Teen Queen, Lorde has taken the media by storm a few years ago with her new sound and risque style. She's bold, she's fearless and doesn't give a hoot about what others have to say about her. 

This is why we chose her to be this week's Solidify'D Celebrity Style Steal. Pictured above is the singer in an adorable black and red outfit. As usual, she is sporting her bold dark lip and messy locks with what seems to be flared black trousers. The main event in this outfit is the bright red, form fitting top seamlessly tucked into her pants for an effortless, chic and slick look.  If you are looking to spice up your wardrobe- or if you are feeling bold, a pop of red in an all black outfit can turn the look from passable to show stopping.

 Red is also a symbol of confidence; something every woman should have when she walks out the door and into the streets. It is also sexy - if you are particularly looking to catch the eye of your significant other or feel like being the star of the night at any event, anyone and everyone can spot a lady in red. Whether you want to wear it on your lips, shirt, or the bottom of your shoe, like one of Lorde's besties T-swift says- it'll never go out of style.  This casual look can be worn at practically any occasion- that's why we love it so much! It's versatile and not event specific. Although we don't recommend wearing this look to the grocery store, this look is perfect for other events- like a girls day, shopping day, or even for a red  carpet!    


Solidify'D's fabulous "Ruby" Top is form fitting and a gorgeous red color, perfect for recreating Lorde's casual yet fabulous look- for only $18.99. In the form of a crop top, you can pull off the same outfit with the addition of black high waisted pants and pull off that edgy yet sleek vibe that Lorde so effortlessly put together. We love crop tops because they are a match made in heaven with high waisted bottoms- maxi skirts, shorts, and jeans! If you are one of the lucky ladies who love to show off her toned stomach - you can easily pair this crop top with low rise bottoms for a whole different look!  Whether you're a high waisted, or low waisted kind of gal- Crop tops don't discriminate! They look amazing on all body types and sizes so don't be afraid to try them out for yourself and do a little experimenting with whatever bottoms flatter your body more. Remember the most important thing is confidence; and this red crop top is the exact symbol of that! ~Truthfullyclassy  


Milly Grace from Truthfullyclassy is a fashion and beauty youtuber, lifestyle blogger, and aspiring entrepreneur. Her life goal is to empower others to follow their dream and have a walk in closet full of shoes, pleather skirts, and glitter.


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