Celebrity Style Steal: Kylie Jenner


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Kylie Jenner is the epiphany of the bold and edgy style. She is known to break the internet because of her choice for fashion at the young age of 17. 

The “Ripped Jeans” trend has been around for quite some time now, especially popular in the mid- 2000s and arriving again in 2015 for its comeback. These jeans are mainly popular with the younger crowd since it can spice up any outfit and give it some edge.

Pictured above is the youngest of the Kardashians wearing two different looks- a more fitted look to show off her infamous Kardashian curves, and to the left, a more grungy and comfortable look. These jeans are versatile because you can dress them up- and you can dress them down for those days you still want to look chic while shopping at the mall or for a long day at school.

Don’t get us wrong-these jeans are not just for the young and the reckless-everyone can rock these babies while still incorporating their own style. You can sport any top with these bottoms- from sexy to classy - to sporty, you can practically dress for any occasion! Throw on some black heels or booties like Kylie Jenner to elongate your legs, or throw on some pastel heels to bring in a pop of color to have all eyes on you in the streets!













Solidify’D’s “Ripped Apart” Jeans are on sale now for $42.99, and If you want the same classic ripped jeans while on a budget, these jeans are a staple for every girl’s closet- all year round!

If there is one thing we can learn from Miss Kylie is to not be afraid of what to wear or what people thinks about you, especially in the world of fashion. Express yourself. Be bold, be yourself, be proud and be a Solidify’D woman.



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