Celebrity Style Steal: Beyonce

We all know that Queen B is a fashion icon for teenage girls and adults alike. Her style is a mixture of street, sexy, and classy. In this stylish number, Yonce’ sports a matching two piece set. (Photo Cred: Instagram)

Two piece sets were huge in the 90’s because you don’t have to think about what top matches what bottom- you can effortlessly just grab these matching sets and leave your house looking put together and stylish! It is also extremely versatile because on those days when you aren’t feeling lazy- you can mix and match the top and bottom for completely different looks!

This outfit is definitely not your casual outfit- it is for a girl’s night out or a steamy date. Perfect for showing off your curves- and since you only have the midriff exposed, it is extremely flattering and has a slimming effect.

For you girls who don’t have a net worth like Mrs.Carter, Solidify’D (like always) has your back. For only $45.99 you get the same matching set in a stunning blue color perfect for summer time. This look is very well balanced with a sizzle of sexy.

Throw on some nude pumps to get that, “legs for days” look and you’re ready to go! Add a body chain to spice up the outfit for a night dancing or keep it simple and effortless like Queen B.


Too bad not all of us can “wake up like this” but with Solidify'D’s Kara 2 piece- we get pretty close.



  Milly Grace from Truthfullyclassy is a fashion and beauty youtuber, lifestyle blogger, and aspiring entrepreneur. Her life goal is to empower others to follow their dream and have a walk in closet full of shoes, pleather skirts, and glitter.


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