Celebrity Style Steal: Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is known for her insane curves and show stopping hips. Like any gal with a great body- she takes every moment she can to show off her beautiful figure. At award shows, parties, on her tv show, or even just out running errands. It’s really hard to miss those curves… but with the help of her stylists, and eye for fashion, she accentuates them even more for a silhouette that keeps her slim  in all the right places.
Pictured below is a picture of Mrs. West in NYC sporting a grey form fitting, curve hugging midi dress. (Photo Credit- shelookbook.com)
This dress is easy to wear for a casual day out running errands while still showing off her great figure. The material is breezy- and the material hugs her waist and curves without sacrificing comfort.  At the same time the dress is  classy enough for a sexy night out with her husband or a girls night out. Just throw on some chic heels and a leather jacket and you’re ready to go!
For only $29.99 you can have Solidify’D’s “Yvette” Dress without leaving a dent in your wallet. The same great, comfortable quality like Kim K’s dress. Tight around the waist to show off your curves,but expertly becomes looser on the way down to hide any unflattering bumps or bulges.
See? You don’t need an expert stylist or a body like Kim Kardashian. You just need the right dress that compliments your body and keeps you looking AMAZING -  all at the right places.
Same fit, same silhouette, same comfort,  but different price. When you rock this dress, remember to rock it with confidence- rock it like a Solidify’D woman should.
Milly Grace from Truthfullyclassy is a fashion and beauty youtuber, lifestyle blogger, and aspiring entrepreneur. Her life goal is to empower others to follow their dream and have a walk in closet full of shoes, pleather skirts, and glitter.

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